CQL++ Database Management System Programmer Reference Manual

CQL++ is an implementation of ANSI (1989) SQL with ODBC extensions provided with complete C++ source code. A compiler meeting the draft ANSI C++ extension (templates and exception processing not required) is required to build the system. CQL++ implements transaction processing and recovery from hardware failures. To guarantee recovery from hardware failures, it must be possible to disable operating system cacheing for the transaction log file. The client/server version meets the ANSI requirements for repeatable read and transaction isolation for multi-user situations. The single user version implements complete transaction processing (COMMIT WORK and ROLLBACK WORK) for one user.

CQL++ is a layered product which allows the programmer to access data files at a number of different levels. The levels are:

ODBC Level
CQL++ implements ODBC API Level 1 and portions of Level 2. The entire ODBC core and extended grammer are implemented.
SQL Level
In addition to the ODBC API, CQL++ includes an SQL API. This API can be used by the programmer, and is also used by the preprocessor to generate code from ANSI embedded SQL statements (EXEC SQL statements).
ISAM Level
The ISAM level works with a data/index file pair as a unit. This unit corresponds to an SQL base table. Tables can be accessed for reading simultaneously at the SQL and ISAM levels.
Index Level
The index level works with B-tree index files directly. Index level access cannot be mixed with higher access levels.

This manual contains the following sections: