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The Only Database and File Handling Product You Will Ever Need

CQL++ is a complete SQL and B-tree/ISAM database management system providing a single user or client/server solution for all machines and operating systems! The price of $495.00 (single user) or $995.00 (client/server) includes 100% C++ source code.

Major Features

ODBC Driver
Allows use of the wide variety of Windows GUI report generators and data manipulation tools such as Microsoft Access, Crystal Reports, etc.
C++ Library
Perform all SQL and ISAM operations from within your C++ programs. Use our C++ class library or the ODBC interface. ODBC functionality is implemented in the SQL server, so the ODBC interface (except for driver manager related functions and windows specific dialogs) is usable in non-windows environments.
Transaction Processing
Supports transaction commit and rollback, nested transactions, and logging and failure recovery.
Supports client/server processing over heterogeneous networks. Servers and clients can run in Windows NT, Windows 95, Windows 3.1 or Windows for Workgroups(client only), OS/2, Sun O/S, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, SCO UNIX, Linux, or any UNIX or other environment with a compatible C++ compiler.
ISAM Interface
Choose the SQL or the ISAM interface to maximize productivity and efficiency. ISAM access available for SQL base tables!
Unbelievable Royalties!
Distribute our server for only $25.00. No limit on number of clients and no per client charges. Single user version is royalty free!
One License Per Developer
For development, you need only purchase one license for each developer using CQL++, regardless of the number of development platforms.
Variable Length Support
Variable length data and keys are supported. Variable length character data and variable length binary data (BLOBs) are fully supported.
Supported Data Types
Fixed length character string, maximum length 255 characters
Variable length character string, maximum length 254 characters
Variable length character string, maximum length 64K characters
Fixed length binary data, maximum length 255 bytes
Variable length binary data, maximum length 254 bytes
Variable length binary data, maximum length limited by four byte length specification
Boolean value
8 bit signed binary
16 bit signed binary
32 bit signed binary
64 bit signed binary
Fixed point decimal number, 16 digits plus exponent.
32 bit binary floating point
64 bit binary floating point
Year, month, day
Hour, minute, second
Year, month, day, hour, minute, second, fraction

Supported Standards
ANSI 1989 Level 2 SQL with integrity enhancement
All ANSI features supported including fully dynamic joins, DISTINCT, ORDER BY, and GROUP BY. All subqueries are supported including ALL, ANY, EXISTS, and interblock references. The referential integrity enhancement is supported. Those portions of ANSI SQL 1992 which are part of the ODBC extended language level are also supported (except stored procedures).
ODBC level 1 API and extended language level
Allows use of ODBC compliant tools as well as the ODBC class libraries provided with Visual C++ and other compilers. Complete ODBC language support includes character, numeric, and date/time functions, index related statements, and ALTER and DROP statements.

TCP/IP networking among homogeneous or heterogeneous machines
Data conversions are applied automatically when data is transferred between machines with different internal data representations. The ODBC driver and Windows clients support the winsock extensions to UNIX (Berkley) sockets.
Fully dynamic SQL
All statements, including CREATE, can be constructed at run time and executed dynamically. Both the prepare/execute and execute immediate sequences are supported.
Embedded SQL
The SQL preprocessor converts C++ files with embedded (EXEC SQL) SQL statements into C++ files.
Other Features

Supported Compilers

Supported Environments

Available Media

Payment Options

Return Policy
30 day money back return policy. $50.00 restocking fee.
$495.00 Single User Package Includes 100% C++ source code for B-tree/ISAM library, SQL library, ODBC driver DLL, SQL preprocessor, and SQL interpreter.

$995.00 Client/Server Package Includes 100% C++ source code for B-tree/ISAM server, SQL server, client side libraries, ODBC driver DLL, SQL preprocessor, and SQL interpreter. (Client/server version also includes all code to produce single user version).