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Welcome to the CQL++ homepage

CQL++ is an ANSI and ODBC compliant database management system with complete source code. From this home page you can

  • Download literature or the CQL++ manual
  • Download upgrades or bug fixes
  • Download the software package (Now includes all systems and versions)
  • Download the ODBC DLL (Currently being updated...)

NEW PRICING POLICY! The client/server version of CQL++, with complete source code, is now distributed at no charge under the GNU license agreement (GPL), with support for all platforms. Support and customization is available, charged on an as needed basis. Support contracts are also available for users who prefer this arrangement.

Paid support is currently unavailable. Please feel free to post in the Forum .

We use KDE (available at, gnome (, and ubuntu linux ( and we are 98% Microsoft Free! Let's all work for open source and the ultimate goal, 100% freedom from Microsoft.

Site maintained in memory of Seth Kurtzberg.